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ATneos has distilled 30 years of asset management experience in the equity and credit derivatives market into accessible, practical and scalable investment approaches.


ATneos was formed by Mike Chadney to combine some of the most effective investment techniques, processes and algorithms to deliver class leading quantitative asset allocation research and derivatives consulting. 

To deliver the highest risk-adjusted returns using the most efficient and transparent processes within replicable and transparent strategies are the core values of ATneos. Proprietary systematic approaches are combined to provide practical strategies that could be used to improve or assist in professional asset allocation decisions.​

Transparency, low cost, real-time information and simplicity are the key words for the future of the asset management industry. Listed ETF and pooled funds tracking the major stock and bond markets have grown significantly in recent years, driven primarily through these key attributes. The movement to "smart beta" and active ETF products further enhances the industry by offering greater consumer choice, both institutional and retail.


ATneos builds systematic and practical solutions to enable asset managers to generate superior returns in transparent, real-time, and practical investment processes.

About ATneos Algorithmic Technologies

Mike Chadney

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