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Generating Alpha for Asset Managers Globally

Asset Allocation Research Delivered directly to Fund Manager desktops


ATneos research helps professional investors make better timed investment decisions and build improved client investment products  

ATneos Algorithmic Technologies distills many years of fund management experience across derivatives, credit and equities into real-time quantitative model-based research. Investment professionals can use this research to make better investment decisions, build efficient investment solutions and grow AUM. 

Global Equity Valuation

Practical and accessible quantitative equity valuation and trading strategies. Historically tested research for professional use

Automated Trading (Beta)

Connecting with Alpaca Markets to deliver a smart portfolio management solution using the research output from ATneos

Project Management Icon

Project Management

Consultancy services to look at ATneos research and how it can be applied and used within asset management companies to improve performance and product design

News and Views

ATneos constantly strives to push the boundaries of practical investment management research. Notes, ideas and discussions can be found here

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Research and Model Development

ATneos is constantly generating new concepts, ideas, and practical solutions to improve investment management techniques for professional investors

Joint Ventures and Partnerships

ATneos seeks to partner with execution platforms, institutional investors, wealth managers, and quantitative investors globally. 

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