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Revolutionary Index Investment Strategies
Beta Release 1.01
Designed to Minimise Risk and Maximise Return

Innovative and Replicable Investment Strategies.

At ATneos Algorithmic Technologies, we design and integrate the latest investment technologies to enable asset managers to access innovative and proven investment strategies.


Generating returns and alpha from directional and volatility while offering full transparency, gives managers an unique ability to outperform their investment benchmarks and to seize opportunities in ever-changing market conditions.

Premium Members (professional users) gain access to forward execution signals, target execution levels and can link, via API to their own investment management platforms to manage their portfolio positions.

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Featured Strategy:  ATneos US Challenge DUO                                    

Strategy Brief:

Design and Deliver a systematic investment strategy that produces equity-like but uncorrelated returns and is not exposed to equity market crashes.

Strategy Design: 

This liquid portfolio of long and short S&P500 Index Option spreads aims to generate returns from both volatility and directional moves over shorter time periods, usually around 1 week.

The Portfolio is designed to avoid sharp falls in the S&P500 Index, generate gains in both rising and falling markets and produce a return equal to or better than the S&P500 Index but with lower volatility.

Strategy Assets:

  • US$ Cash

  • US 90 Day $ Treasury Bills

  • Long or Short up to 4 concurrent Weekly Call Option spreads on the S&P500 Index (SPX)

​Trading Process:

  • Executions during the Trading Day but targeting Closing Level at 4PM EDT

  • Execution at Market Prices

  • Cash settled Options

Performance Benchmark:

  • Options trade at fair value at the close of trading

  • Cash interest rate is the Fed Funds Interest rate

  • Options settle to cash close of the S&P 500 Index

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