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ATneos Quantitative Model Output

ATneos is committed to delivering fully transparent, practical, and helpful research to fund managers globally.

All historical research is backed-up by real-time implementation of its findings. Fund managers can watch signals as they emerge and judge whether they would complement their existing strategy before implementation. Managers can also use the output to run fully automated investment processes within their own organisations. These "hands-off" solutions are exceptionally efficient and can deliver superior returns aided by extremely low operating costs.


Each Index or Equity has a table of figures where each datapoint can be used to implement a specific investment strategy.



Example Indicators.PNG


Date and Time:                            The point at which the model calculations were made GMT+0

Existing Equity Notional Exposure:   The % of assets managed exposed to the index/ETF

Confirmed New Exposure:             The % of assets that should be exposed to the Index/ETF by the close of business

Execution at Current Close:            The % of assets that require execution by the close of business

Equity Oversold Below:                 Should the Index drop below this level, Index/ETF purchases are likely

Neutral Target Level:                     Long Index/ETF positions would be scaled back above this Index level

Equity Overbought Above:             Long Index/ETF positions would be further scaled back or sold above this Index level

Indicator Value:                            ATneos Overbought / Oversold indicator broadly indicates whether an Index is trading                                                           above or below where the mean reversion model suggests it should be

Fund managers can utilize this table to generate investment ideas, adjust existing fund exposures, implement within existing macro-economic views or ignore completely. The responsibility remains with the manager whether 100% of the signals are implemented or none.  Data can be accessed via the dedicated API or downloadable .csv file directly to the fund manager desktop.

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