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ATneos Dynamic Equity/Bond Asset Allocation Model Performance Histories 

ATneos seeks to be fully transparent with the performance of its Models. All figures generated in these reports are automatically generated so that what you see is always up to date.

All underlying assets are liquid, tradable ETFs, and thus have transparent trading prices and values. All models generate holdings of just two ETFs, an equity ETF, and a "safe" asset such as US Treasury Bond ETFs. Full transparency, low holding costs, and the ability to read in and out of the strategy with little market impact are central to the ATneos investment philosophy.

No trading costs have been applied as they are dependent on the ETFs chosen within the strategy. No management fees or performance fees are applied as they are institution-specific.

The choice of ETF is decided by the manager but the ATneos reference portfolio uses the largest and most liquid regional exposure ETFs and the most liquid long-term government bond ETFs. Executions are carried out automatically during the final hour of the trading day. 

These allocations are for research use only and do not offer investment advice or recommendations in any way.

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